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estate sales md

Estate Sales MD & DC Metro Area

Our goal is to provide a real service, not just sell your items. Although, of course we will do that, and for the best prices possible. Your job is to decide what is to be kept and what is to be sold. Bethesda Potomac will do the rest:

  • We pull out everything from every nook and cranny and clean, organize and display it to best advantage, using covered tables and showcases.
  • We price the sale items, after doing any research necessary, and advertise and conduct a public sale.
  • We send you a check for your share of the proceeds (mailed three days after the last day of your sale).

Estate sales are extremely popular and anything found in a house can be sold at an estate sale. Sales can and do include everything from the finest antiques to partially used cleaning products. For the finest items, we have extensive contacts with appraisers and auctioneers and can determine the real market value of anything.

estate sales md

Conduct Your Own Sale

Would you like to conduct your own sale, but are unsure of how to price your items? We can do the pricing for you and give you our TOP TEN TIPS for conducting your own moving, downsizing, and estate sales in MD, Bethesda, Potomac, and the DC Metro area .

Professional Organizing

Need help deciding what to sell and what to keep? Or, help getting ready, planned, sorted and packed for the next step in your life? Susan and her staff have extensive training and experience in organizing and specialize in helping seniors and hoarders.

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